Sunday, July 18, 2010

a lady with pretty hair

shari H

late saturday night, or was it early sunday morning.... night shifts just turn into a blur, you asked me why i have a blog. i told you it's because my memory is so very bad. i explained how this blog is basically my journal and kate's baby book and it helps me remember the little things. i told you it was for friends and family- so they wouldn't miss any of our going-ons.

and all that is true. (it really is my journal and i love rereading my entries)
but it's also for you. and people like you. those that inspire me and make me feel good.

this blog gives me a chance to recognize people in my life that have changed me for the better.

so thank you. so very much.

you ask about my life, about kate, about my hubs. and when you ask, i can tell that you really want an answer. you really do care. and that is better than chocolate ice cream. or sour gummi watermelons.

you told me that when i was a new hire you put great thought into who should train me. you picked kelli b and k bell to teach me the ways of the ER. i cannot thank you enough. not only are those girls phenomenal nurses but also life savers. i needed them and i am so happy that you listened to your gut and let me have them. i don't think many people would put that much thought into a possibly meaningless decision. but you did and i love you for it.

you're so incredibly hard working. and thoughtful to boot. and fun. and all around great.

so thank you for you. i'm glad you came to work nights so we could chat (even if you dislike the hours)


now go give your dog lasix and stay up for hours with her. (did i mention selfless? b/c you've got that quality covered too)

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Kelli said...

You are making me all teary eyed.