Monday, July 5, 2010

the fourth

founding fathers of old:


that doesn't quite sound sincere enough....

i really appreciate all that you did. (you and your wives of course. i'm sure they were a big part of the whole founding the nation thing) i'm glad we have the month of july to thank you for your hard work.

in your honor we drove to brigham and partied with the hansens. even brock made an appearance. we pigged out on grilled yummers and played baseball in the street. matt and breanne supplied us with fireworks- matt put on a great show. somehow kate slept through the kabooms- all snuggled in on grandma's lap.


at church we sang the star-spangled banner and i teared up like i always do when i hear our anthem. especially since the chorister is an army wife and her husband will leave for iraq shortly. i kept watching her and thinking how strong she will have to be and how i couldn't do it. if jank left, i think i would pack up and go with him. i need his hugs.

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