Thursday, July 1, 2010

let the summer begin

dearest ponytail,

it has been far too long my friend. maybe 18 months, maybe longer. i just scanned thru my pics to see when the last documented ponytail event occurred and i stopped looking when i got to the summer of '08. lots of pigtails (apparently i like looking twelve) but no ponytail.

so we shall call today momentous.
there go my dramatics again.

today was almost 100 degrees and windy. a day that would normally cause me to regret even attempting to do my hair. but today i just slathered some goop into it, shoved about 7 bobby pins in and voila! instant awesomeness.

at least i thought so. you all can judge for yourselves:


a perfect day w/ accompanying perfect hairdo to take the babies (Liz and Kate) to the pool. and subsequently get ticked at all the parents who don't watch their children as they attempt to drown. even big jank got irritated, which NEVER happens. he even told a kid to quit punching others. i choked back a smile... i'm finally starting to rub off on him. mwaaaa ha ha

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tiff snedaker said...

That is one SWEET pony.