Friday, December 31, 2010

books make you smart

barnes & noble-

b&n in union square NYC

tonight i found myself at your store.
y'know the one next to old navy and right down the street from target and cafe rio?
now that's what i consider a perfect neighborhood!

i stopped in to pick up a little after-Christmas gift.
i only planned on running in and out lickety-split.
but the smell of coffee and new books drew me in and soon i was aimlessly wandering the aisles.
i'm pretty sure i could live forever in a bookstore (as long as there was a yummy cafe attached)
there is nothing like holding a new book in your hand-
the smell, the uncreased binding, the crisp pages.... oh lovely day!

i treated myself to a cinnamon scone and spent 10 blissfully silent minutes perusing the magazine racks.
i know this will sound dumb to most people but i cannot explain how much i needed those 10 minutes.
i have felt so lost this last month,
i think it's partly due to Christmas stress (and we even kept it simple this year!) and the fact that i'm always looking ahead.
i'm always talking/planning/dreaming about the day jank graduates.
"when he graduates we will.... move, buy a house, have another child, travel, go to a play, go skiing, buy real furniture, join a gym...."

i'm not saying the planning ahead is a bad thing.
it's just that when i get my head full of 'somedays', i don't take time to appreciate my 'today'
it's amazing that stuffing a scone in my mouth and reading about kim kardashian can produce a profound thought.
but it did.
and i think i have nailed down my new year's resolution-
enjoy today.

thank you barnes & noble- i'll be back for more scone + wandering soon.


mrs jank



Kelli said...

I heart B&N. Next time call. I want to come!

Scott and Sarah said...

I love it there too! In fact that Union Square one is the one I visit!! I enjoy grabbing a stack of magazines and sitting in the cafe and going through them, then putting them back on the shelf ;)

..... Johnny and Becky ..... said...

It's amazing what a little 10 minutes can do! I'm glad you enjoyed your day, and I like your new years resolution. I might just make it mine!