Thursday, May 9, 2013

all together now.

[harry, kate, liz, steele and evelyn]
haskins clan-

sorry i haven't gotten our vacation recap posted yet.
i'm sure everyone is dying to see the 587,439,903 pictures i took while in california.

i've been bogged down with work lately-
i usually work every weekend and every other tuesday, but somehow the may schedule got completely goofed up and i'm working random days and a lot of back-to-backs during the week [heaven help me and my lack of sleep].
but we're happily surviving.
yesterday there was a long drive in the car in the late afternoon [the witching hour as i like to call it. the time of day when moms are exhausted and kiddos are bored and dads haven't come home yet.]
we were on a hunt for bridges- kate likes to drive over them [that's normal right??]

enough of that randomness.
let's recap!

day one was saturday.
arriving flights, renting vans, driving north to escondido- it was a busy day.
jank and i were lucky enough to be able to drive the 3 hours instead of fly.
oh man, is that the way to travel with kids!
as many snacks as you want, movies in the car, and if the baby cries- you don't get glared at my 15 strangers.

we spend the afternoon just hanging out and running to target for the essentials-
[diapers, food, chocolate]
the california sun helped thaw out the minnesotans and utahns who haven't seen the sun all winter.

^all the cousins [minus camden who was napping] and of course our happy little evelyn^

^another perk of driving- no luggage restrictions. which means we could pack as much as we wanted, including princess attire^

and a little note of who belongs to who:

nana and papa
brandon + kerrianne = steele and lucky grandbaby #7 [gender TBA]
kayla + brandon = kate and evelyn.
brittany + tyler = liz, harry and camden.

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