Sunday, May 12, 2013

monday- sea world and a birthday party

sea world!

i've declared my love before for this magical place and i'll do it again.
part zoo, part amusement park, park playground.
such a fantastic mix of things to do and see.
we've been there 4 times now in the last 20 months and it truly never gets old.

my top things to do/see at sea world are:
the dolphin encounter- you get to play, touch and watch these incredible animals up close.
the dolphin show- think cirque du soleil for dolphins and humans. seriously so cool.
the manta rollercoaster- we all rode it about 5 times and laughed/screamed until we cried. i love seeing my family have that much fun. [maybe we should plan a grown-ups only trip to six flags?? when no one is pregnant of course]

everything at sea world is wonderful but those are my top three.
and now onto the pics.

^the birthday girl [can't believe the girls are already 4!!]^

 ^pretty sure at one point liz's face was green but look how much fun they had!]

 ^i mean, really. how cool is this?!?!^

 ^these two decided to plop right down in the middle of the walkway and find the quickest path to the kiddie amusement park^
 ^how cute is my sister. mint and coral is my new favorite combo^
 ^so very tired from a great day^

and then it was time to properly celebrate liz's 4th birthday:

 ^could that face be any sweeter?? she is such a doll^
^she was just a wee bit excited to get her new merida doll^

happy birthday sweet liz-a-magoos!

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