Monday, May 13, 2013

tuesday- safari park

tuesday we decided to head to the safari park.
it's actually located in [or very close to] escondido so we didn't have to drive far.
zoos are one of my favorite things to do-
i love the walking, the learning and of course seeing all the animals.

the safari park is spread out over a large area and the enclosures are really big.
the animals have space to roam and that made me feel better about them having to be in captivity.

it was another great day and i must recommend anyone that goes to san diego to visit the safari park.
[we've also been to the zoo on a previous trip and i think that's awesome as well. maybe i'm just easily pleased]

^our safari master for the day. my dad is seriously the coolest.^
 ^i have such an cute daughter . wouldn't you all agree??^
 ^love that my parents are still in love^
 ^evie started warming up to everyone...which means she simply glared at people instead of crying her eyes out^

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The Leeflangs said...

How fun! Your hair hair gotten sooo long! It's beautiful I love your natural waves!