Friday, May 31, 2013

saturday- la jolla and seaworld

[last vacation recap. i promise!! sorry i'm such a sloooooow blogger. life happens]

saturday we had to say good bye to all my family, who boarded planes and headed back to the cold [suckas!!]
we [the lucky ones] got one extra day of vacation since our home is only a short drive away.
we decided another day at sea world was in order.
you'd think we would be sick of that place, but nope!
it's the dolphins... and the roller coaster... and the churros.
love it all.

we stopped in la jolla for lunch and decided to stretch our legs and wander around the beautiful town and coastline.
let's just state the obvious: la jolla is gorgeous.
we will be returning to this beautiful place.
it warrants an entire day of wandering.

so thanks la jolla for being so wonderful!

then it was on to sea world!
i put away the camera and just enjoyed the day with everyone.
but these are a few pics i snapped with my iphone:

and that, my friends, ends the epic vacation recap.

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