Wednesday, May 8, 2013

according to instagram

[april and may insta's]

 swim diapers are overrated.
 open mouth kisses are this kids specialty. and some seriously healthy snacks while researching our next car. 
 winterhaven, california is full of beautiful fields, a perfect place for an afternoon drive. and evie being a goon.
 evie attempts to contain her enthusiasm for the park swings. and she is finally walking around furniture- although she still won't let go and stand on her own. 
 new swimsuits are a must when you swim everyday. thank heavens for the finding great deals- $4 each!
 family night consisted of board games inside the teepee- everything is more magical with fairy lights. and i'm in love with my new stainless steel measuring cups- thanks mr red!
 good morning evelyn rue. and a quiet moment with kate- that kid loves to color. 

 happy birthday to my big, little girl!! 4 years old already. geez, where did the time go??
 we took kate to waylan's water park for her birthday and had such a great time. 
 the whole family [post-swimming and exhausted]. and a little birthday cake for my favorite blondie. 
a snack inspired by my mother- brownies, chocolate pudding and oreo cookies. oh my. and evie being a rockstar as usual. 

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