Friday, May 10, 2013

sundee morn


a hidden gem.
a wonderful mix of palm trees and pine trees. 

sunday morning we relaxed and got ready for church and family pictures 
[everyone's favorite thing to do]
it was a little on the cool side with intermittent drizzles and cloudy.
but hey, no one had to work so that's an ok day for me.

prepare yourself for a ridiculous amount of pictures.
it's what happens when you're family hasn't been all together for a long time.

^kate decided she wanted to show off her amazing poses. embarrassing and hilarious^


Kelli said...

Kayla- you look particularly gorgeous in these photos! I miss you terribly, the long hair is beautiful and I adore your lipstick.

Miss E has the best frownie face ever. I love that kid.

And Kate's poses are hysterical. That child is adorable.

Oh. Just realized I didn't compliment Jank. He's great too! I miss you all!


Love that last pic! And you Kayla look gorgeous!!