Saturday, May 11, 2013

sunday evening.

after we got rained out of our family pictures,
we headed back to escondido [a little north of san diego] for some pajama-wearing and relaxing.
we even managed to get one round of risk played- which is quite a feat when there are six kids under the age of four running around.

living down the street or even across town isn't an option for my family
[at least not at this time. i'm still holding out hope that we all move to st george together!]
and the thing i miss the absolute most is just hanging out.
i miss the busy house full of people and noise and popping popcorn.
i miss sunday dinners and board games.
i even miss the little squabbles that are a natural part of families.

so sunday evening was perfect in my eyes.
[although i don't remember any squabbles. i'll have to work harder at that next time :) ]

 ^that harry doesn't hold still for even one second. an absolute ball of energy and i couldn't love him more. he wiggled and danced his way into my heart that week and i think i might just have to steal him away^
^my little brother aaron is so great with kids. he was such a huge help all week long. thanks buddy!^

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