Friday, May 17, 2013

thursday- coronado island

coronado island-

probably one of my most favorite places.
what's not to love?
there's the ocean, good restaurants, charming houses, sandy beaches.
we had a great day wandering around,
our lunch at the rhinoceros cafe and grill was fantastic.
and despite some pretty good wind, we had a good time at the beach. 

everyone should visit and/or live there.
[preferably live there]

enjoy another photo overload!

^oh my word- we captured an expression other than a scowl!!^


^my super awesome mom made these dresses for the girlies. love how they turned out. thanks mom!!^
^maybe my favorite picture from the whole trip^    
^this book ['divergent'] became a hot topic on the trip. bb stole it from aaron who borrowed it from me who borrowed it from my friend. fantastic read!^
^this bundle of towels is actually liz. she was so tired and so sick of the wind that she burrowed under the towels and promptly fell asleep^

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