Thursday, September 5, 2013

sticker charts are the solution to all life's problems

my kater-rooskie kater-rama,

welcome back!
it was a little bit rough there for a bit huh?
thank heavens that rotten behavior is over and done with [at least for now. wish it would stay away but i know better]
in retrospect, i think there was a whole lotta sibling jealousy going on.
mixed in with some emotional growing pains,
combined with schedule changes and the start of preschool at a new school...
that's a lot to throw on a 4 year old.

your dad and i realized that part of the problem was your increasing dependence on the iPad.
once we started limiting your time to a few short periods a day, we saw a marked improvement in your behavior.

we also implemented a sticker chart [which i swear is magic] and i believe it is the key to your turn-around.
you get a sticker for positive behaviors such as listening to us the first time we ask you to do something [instead of repeating ourselves 50 bajillion times] and for picking up your toys, making your bed and helping with evie, practicing your letters/sight words, etc.
we don't take stickers away but we do still take blankies away if needs be.
i can't remember the last time i had to threaten you with the loss of your beloved blankie
[it used to be at least 5 times a day]

once you fill up your sticker chart completely,
you get a new game on the iPad.
this has helped decrease the amount of times you ask for a new game [which used to be roughly 75 bajillion gagillion times a day. see also; in-app purchases are of the devil]

i don't want to toot our horns or anything....
but way to go all of us.
we're so awesome.

just kidding.
[kind of]

i'm just happy you're back to be our sweet, sensitive, fun-loving katers.
it sure is nice to be hugged instead of having a door slammed in my face.

love you more than sunshine kiddo.

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