Thursday, May 27, 2010



the best OBGYN ever. seriously.

i just finished watching kate's birth. i was uploading videos from the camera to the computer and decided to tune in for 40 min of wincing and groaning, smiling and crying.

and that was me in the present day.

you were marvelous... arriving with a smile and a joke about my speedy labor, teasing me when my contractions mysteriously disappeared during the pushing, reassuring me when i needed something for the pain (remember how that dang epidural never took on the L side?? curses!) and constantly, constantly telling me what a good job i was doing.

man i hated being the patient. i was too worried about too many different scenarios. i'm so glad that i had you there. (we can't forget peggy, aynsley and the entire L&D crew at the desk) but i'm especially glad i had you- a doctor i could trust wholly and completely and entirely.

you were/are the greatest.

thanks for welcoming my little one into the world.
she was blessed to have been greeted by an angel.

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