Wednesday, May 26, 2010

alive and well

bathroom scale:

i have been avoiding you of late. i was scared to see what you wanted to show me. we are entering swimsuit season after all... and i had reason to be concerned. 2 weeks ago jank and i were busy celebrating the summer break.

we celebrated by eating like 14 year old boys.

we frequented many of our favorite restaurants and never a calorie did we count. we ordered dessert. i made cookie bars. we had dairy queen.

we did everything we advise against.

and i didn't put a foot on you out of fear.

but the day of reckoning came today and i was scared for the complete opposite reason: 4 days of influenza. how low could your numbers go???

what's that line from "the devil wears prada"?
"i'm just one stomach flu away from my ideal weight"
i now completely get that, but still
don't appreciate the method

well, the exact number we will keep between you and me.
and big jank.

but the overall loss was 4 pounds. guess i'm glad i bulked up to begin with! scares me to think what would've happened if i hadn't.

the hubs tied the 4 pound mark as you are well aware

and miss kate you ask?

i'm not getting her anywhere near a scale for a month or two!! her chubby cheeks are not so chubby. i can feel her every rib when i pick her up and her spine sticks out like the wasatch mountains. almost makes a mommie cry.

tried feeding her a frosty today.... appetite still hasn't fully returned. i had to settle for a half a slice of bread.

farewell for a time bathroom scale. we won't be needing your services until august when we will need to weigh our luggage.

thanks from the janks

and stay away from katers!


(left: birthday cupcake at the hansen's. right: listless on the couch, watching ESPN with dad, with bink and blankie of course)



Who is janks and who is jancers? I am so confused.

Kayla said...

jank, big jank, the hubs, brandon.....all the same guy. it's an old nickname and how he was introduced to me so it stuck. his official nickname from way back is "jancer" but i shortened that to jank awhile ago.

the jancers is us. our little familial unit.

i spell jank with a 'k' cuz i think it looks stupid janc. pronounced like 'spank'

very confusing... sorry.

and in case your wondering (which i'm pretty sure you're not) i give almost everyone nicknames. miss k bell. it's a bad habit. one i think we share :)

Kayla said...

"the janks" is also considered to be the whole family. i'm sure i use that phrase to describe brandon every so often.

i should work on some consistency huh?