Tuesday, May 18, 2010

and we slept

dear mr sandman..... again,

just wanted to send you a thank you from all of us.

you visited our home and we all slept well.


after a good night's rest we were ready to tackle the day.
big jank returned to the U for one more semester before rotations start.
he has to take ACLS in a few days and has read the entire book in preparation.

um, can we say overachiever.... no one reads the whole book. johnny walker EMT probably hasn't even read the entire book. well, since he teaches it maybe he has.
but probably not.

due to the lovely sleep i had the energy to tackle the task of the day:
switching out nutties car seats.

YEAH!! no more rear facing crap.

she was excited for about 1 min and that was probably b/c i was grinning at her like the overexcitable mom that i am


and then she just sat there with a blank stare as we drove around running errands-
completely content to watch out the front window.


but she did flash some rare smiles and giggles when we found a park bench to play on.
pretty sure we spent about 20 min dropping the car keys
off the bench. it was sunny and we were right by a stream so i just
kept picking up the keys and handing them back.
it was great.


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tiff snedaker said...

Yay for sleep! Looks like you ended up going with the Graco Nautilus. You'll love it :) Kate looks pretty mesmerized to be forward facing, lol.