Sunday, May 9, 2010

mother's day


now that i'm a mom i am starting to understand what motherhood is all about. and it makes me sad that i wasn't the best about getting your card mailed before mothers day. sorry. life gets a little too busy sometimes. but that's why i wanted to dedicate this tiny space of the universe to you. so you can read and know how great you are.

thanks for...

being so compassionate- especially that time when i was riding my bike with no hands with krissy d and i hit the curb and injured myself. not fun but you were so kind

being so thoughtful- i love my tiffany's necklace. i wear it constantly and it reminds me of you and kate. two happy thoughts

being so fun- when bb and i were in charge of the kids in south africa there were numerous times that we didn't know what to do or how to entertain them so we just copied things you did with us. and they loved it just like we loved it when we were little

being in love with dad. i love knowing my parents are still in love. i love that you miss him when he's gone

being so crafty- homemade playdough. neon puff paint birthday parties. black and white zubaz with hot pink shirts- ok that last one was horrible but so funny

being a wonderful grandma- it's so fun watching you play with kate. i can't wait to watch your relationship develop as she grows

being strict- remember when you followed me to "i know what you did last summer". i hated your rules at the time but i'm glad you cared enough about me to set boundaries and stick to them

being patient- you changed my endlessdiapers, fed me endless meals and loved me even when you didn't like me

i'm glad there is a day when i get to pause and honor the woman that you were, are and will be

it makes me so happy to know that i get to be your daughter forever

i love you mom

thanks for everything


brysaac, ryken and kate playing together as cousins should

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