Thursday, May 6, 2010

sleep vs eat


i made a decision today:
i would rather you sleep well than eat well.

don't misunderstand- i would rather you do BOTH well but that's not our reality. you're a pill to feed most days (still love your guts).

jank and i have an arsenal of tricks we use to feed you. most days it's a book held in one hand while we sneak food into your mouth with the other hand. jank's favorite is to feed you while i leap, duck, roll and dance around the table creating distractions so you don't realize you're being fed (it's my workout since i quit P90X). my favorite is to fake you out with a oyster cracker. at the last second i sneak the real food in and you are confused because your oyster cracker magically turned into an orange. it's awesome.


but no matter the frustration we feel when trying to get you to eat, it is always overshadowed by our joy in your ability to sleep. i take no credit (ok, a little credit) for how well you slumber. most credit goes to you and the babywise technique. i know it doesn't work for everyone but it sure worked for us. we drop you in your crib, wide awake, and you play for a bit and then pass out. and we watch survivor and eat oreos.


(kate in her pack and play before her crib was fixed)

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tiff snedaker said...

Oh no, she's a picky eater already? Your distractions sound funny, I can just picture you jumping all over trying to get her to eat. That's awesome that she's such a great sleeper. I might have taken that. Rowan didn't sleep through the night, or more than 4 hours at a time until he was 13 months. Horrid. Happy Birthday to Kate too!!!