Thursday, May 13, 2010

the end of a good day

big jank,

the last 24 hours included:

a BUSY shift during which i told a cranky patient that the ER is not McDonalds. you can't just come in, place your order and be d0ne in 10 min. health care takes awhile...especially when a lonely 78 year old gets a hold of a call light.

5 hours of sleep- bless your soul for letting me sleep!

cinnamon bread from great harvest. basically all i ate today.

lizard and katers. they destroyed the apt once again but had fun doing it.

temple date including stolen glances and a cute old man with a lisp.

some really awesome singing by us. thanks FM100... yes we are lame and listen to "love songs after dark"

chocolate molten lava cake eaten, or rather inhaled, by me while you tried to sneak a bite or two.

a quick catch up on sports via ESPN (my most hated channel...but i didn't care b/c i had chocolate)

now it's time to snuggle and watch modern family.

love you.

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