Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a year gone by

dear kathryn grace,

yesterday you turned one. it was hardly momentous- celebrated by pancakes, hashbrowns and chocolate milk
you had half a pancake.
kill joy.

but don't fret, we will be celebrating until the cows come home on sunday up at grandma and grandpa hansen's. with brysaac and ryken. you'll love it!

i wanted this post to be magnificent and wondrous to behold. i wanted you to be able to read this when you're older (when i've turned this blog into a book)
and feel my love for you. but i suck at writing. so instead i am just
going to keep on loving you


for the rest of forever

i think that should suffice.

i wanted you to know some things about you. little things that i will inevitably
forget as you grow

things like:

you like to sit on your bum and turn in a circle using your feet

when you're really happy you lean back while sitting and kick your feet really fast on the ground (think bicycle ab workout)

you love the tub- the kicking feet get even faster in water!

you go to bed between 7-8 and wake up 12 hours later. i love that

some mornings we hear you "reading" books to yourself. i really love that

you're always cranky around 4 in the afternoon

you like vegetables. it's a chore to feed you fruit

you love to share your toys, half-eaten food and your blankie
(we don't always want the food)

you hate your rear-facing car seat but your dad won't let me turn you around
until you get a little bigger

you weaned off the bottle like a champ. it took absolutely no effort at all from us

your chunky cheeks are slimming and that makes me sad

you like to gnaw on your crib. not cool

you cry when i leave for work and although i hate hearing you cry,
i love knowing you will miss me

your blankie will quiet you when upset

you sleep with your knees pulled up under you and your face smashed into the mattress

you're sweet. and shy. and cute. and loving

wouldn't have you any other way

Happy Birthday katers

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