Saturday, May 1, 2010

busy little life

hard working nurses of ER,

i sit at home tonight blogging. (i also ate a bowl of cocoa puffs and watched some hgtv) i only made it one sentence in before bustin' out the parentheses. lovely. anyway, i sit home tonight wrapped up in my electric blanket, blogging, and enjoying some peace and quiet. i was scheduled to work tonight and although i REALLY didn't want to, i headed into work at 8. i was greeted with confused faces.

hate that.

charge nurse wasn't sure why i was there. miscommunication with previous charge rn left me forgotten. no one remembered to call and say they didn't need me til much later.

really hate that.

so i did what every good nurse does. complained to a coworker. and guess what??? 20 minutes later i was being sent home. to blog. and eat yummy cereal. and be warm on a rainy night.

of course being sent home comes with the stipulation of being called back whenever the need arises. but that blessed iphone hasn't rung yet. so i write.

and just so you don't all think i'm a whiner (which i totally am sometimes) and a brat- i made sure it really was ok with the staff before i ran out of there; skipping and yelling "yippee".

so to all my coworkers- thanks for working hard so i don't have to!

end story.


the last few days have been packed with goodies.

first, there was a delightful outing with kelli b. we went to les madeleines and ate turkey, avocado sandwiches with lavender lemonade- which sounds weird but was so good. then we got ourselves some famous (according to kelli's friend who watches the food network) kouing- aman. soooo good. and then off to consignment shops to check out furniture. there was only slight mocking involved. seriously who paints a 5 foot picture of a cat?!?


stay tuned, just got called in.......

whew! monday morning and i'm just getting around to finishing this post.

where was i? oh yes, secondly.....

friday nite (i know it's spelled wrong but i like it) kate and i found ourselves heading south to provo. i've only ever been there 3 times and the idea of provo intrigues me. don't know why, just does. we were meeting up with some old friends from the days of USU. we went to an italian place i can't remember the name of and ate yummy spinach ravioli stuffed with artichokes and smothered in a creamy alfredo sauce. it almost didn't matter that the service sucked (no tip from me) or that kate broke the jar of baby food i was going to feed her (glass and green beans ALL over the floor) or that my dr. pepper didn't come until half way through the meal. it was wonderful to see the girls again. and kate slept the whole way down and was adorable in her new pink hat. (these things matter!)

the weekend was filled with family time. brother brandon and girlfriend kerrianne were in town. brandon insisted we go to in and out burger for lunch on sat. he claims it's the best burger ever..... i like 5 guys. but the fries and chocolate shake are hard to beat. then it was off to oh sweet sadie, a place where moms go to show off how cute they can dress their kids and be judged on how creative their patterned shirt/solid cardigan combo is. (can you tell i'm not a huge fan?? it's a little to utah for me). but bb had a booth there and i am always in support of her awesome stuff so we went and enjoyed. sunday was church. good times as always. sunday school would have been great but katers felt the need to be constipated and while trying to poop she pushed so hard she vomitted (remember: over active gag reflex) all over my skirt and her blanket. next she peed all over the counter and her dress when i was changing her bum. the remainder of church was spent in a white tank top onesie. fashionable as always. all was made right by a dinner of chicken marsala with carrots and yummy mashed potatoes at bb's with the fam.

but seriously sister, you need to rename the dessert. "junk" just doesn't do it justice!!

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