Thursday, May 20, 2010

it's the little things

dear kate,

as you grow i hope you learn to appreciate the little things.

i am a pessimist by nature. i used to claim i was a realist, not a pessimist, but let's be honest. it's called pessimism and i wear it on my sleeve.

but i'm working on it. i want you to grow up in a happy home full of happy people and i know that a happy home starts with a happy mom. so i'm trying to be more optimistic and i am happier because of my efforts. (i just said happy like 12 times)

my recent efforts at optimism include trying to find the joy in the small things. life isn't easy. and it's definitely not always fun. but when i pause and take an inventory of my happies, life becomes more enjoyable.

my happies:

list making (duh, you haven't figured this one out yet??)

brownie trifle with raspberries- bless you miss buttars

patients who say thank you for my efforts

you learning to clap and dance in the same day

your face when we toss you onto the couch or bed- sincere apologies for any whiplash

cafe rio

when i sleep for 2 hours but it feels like 4- more than a happy... a true miracle

awesomely dramatic season finales- bones and grey's, i'm talking to you

my very own washer and dryer. apparently you don't appreciate a good beef roast... you threw it all up in your sleep. not having to take your bedding to a laundromat was a big happy today.

(sorry to always bring up your bodily functions. it's just a part of life right now. and hopefully
someday we can laugh about it. this morning i might have shed a tear when
i smelled/saw your crib. but it was only 1 tear and then i
laughed and took some pictures. which i will not post here.
enough of that has been shared already)

i hope you're on the receiving end of your father's optimistic attitude. i hope you grow up happy. and i hope you continue to give me open mouthed kisses.... but only while you're little. it gets creepy when you're older.

your mum

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