Saturday, May 15, 2010

spring morning

dear mom and dad,

this morning i got up at 10 am. sounds like high school all over again huh? your granddaughter was awake and crying at 6:18 am. she's teething and it sucks. jank got up with her and i slept peacefully (except for some weird dreams) until 10 when they came to wake me. i love waking up to a happy baby. jank said she was horrible until the motrin kicked in- glad i was sleeping!

after waking i decided it was too nice a day to be shut in so i threw open every window in the apartment and enjoyed the spring air. and then i did the linens. it reminded me on home. those crisp mornings when i complained because you guys had your bedroom window open

"too cold, you guys are nuts" i would say.

now i understand. it's nice to smell the fresh air.


i miss home. and you guys.

(hurry up june 23rd and get here so we can see you)

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