Wednesday, May 19, 2010

cardigan love

dear j crew,

did you know that i'm obsessed with you? the obsession started in high school and hasn't stopped.
i love you
i really do
even if i can't afford you right now.
thankfully, park city has an outlet store of your glorious stuff and that makes me happy.
your discount to students also makes me happy

my favorite favorite favorite is your jackie cardigan.
i own 4.
that's kind of embarrassing. but kind of not, because i love them
i wear them almost everyday.
i get cold easily

i want the dark charcoal
and the light pool
and the coral....

ok lets face it- i want them all

and when i eventually shower and get dressed today i will wear one in honor of this post.
that's really just an excuse to wear something comfy

me and my cardi's-
(the navy one may or may not be my favorite)

i wear a small if anyone is so inclined to buy me one.
i'm sure i deserve it

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