Monday, December 6, 2010

double k

miss k bell:

kelli and i missed you greatly at lunch the other day.
double k is grand, but triple k is preferred.

i won't torture you with a post full of pictures of our fantastic meal.
but let me just show you the chocolate fondue that we had....

at least this is what was left  after 2 seconds.
we seriously inhaled it.

sorry we all suck at communicating.
next time dinner, desert and a movie to make up for it.
just text me your available nights in january-
once the work sched is available of course.

ps. should i be addressing you as CHARGE NURSE BELL???



Kelli said...

It is rather embarassing that the fondue was supposed to feed 3-4 people and we did indeed inhale it. Oh well...chocolate is good for your heart. Plus, there was fruit. A well balanced dessert I say. Plus, I think chocolate technically is a vegetable.


Words cannot express the level of sorrow I felt knowing there was a gathering of K's without me...I am so sorry! I will not fail least not any time soon. Thank you for sharing your pictures of happiness.....I deserved it.