Monday, December 13, 2010

kate learns to write!


 "EEEEE" is what kate calls liz

it's been a few days since i saw you last and i miss you already.
i want you to come over and play with me.
we can bang on the closet doors.
we can hid in the living room blinds and pull them down.
we can watch "raaaaaaar" (madagascar)
we can read christmas books-
mom and i went to a new library today and we got a bunch of new ones.

mommie says we can't play until i feel better.
i told her i'm all better but she wants to make sure i'm not still contagious.
i'd feel terrible if you got sick because of me.
mommie got me sick and then i got dada sick-
but it's ok because he stayed home today so i could play with him.

maybe we can go back to the aquarium.
or to the library because guess what liz?!?
they have a big elmo there and he's really cool.
i kept yelling "ELMO" because i wanted to play with him and mommie kept saying
"shhhh kate. use your library voice"
i gave her my stinkeye look- i don't like being quiet.
that'll teach her to shush me.

hope to see you soon!



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