Saturday, December 11, 2010

breaking news

dear world,

i would like you to meet kate's pigtails:

these piggies have been a loooooong time coming.
what started as a cute little curl at the nape of her neck is quickly growing into a mullet.
i even trimmed the little curl a few weeks ago in hopes of maintaining a non-trailer park look.
i've tried clips and hair gel and even considered those atrocious flowers the size of her head that seems to be all the rage.
(ok, i only considered the flowers for a minisecond but i just can't do it.)
i was getting desperate and kate was wearing a hat everywhere she went.
thankfully it's winter and that sort of thing is smiled upon.

but then a few days ago i realized her i could torture her tiny hairs into pigtails.
and i do mean torture-- she nows winces whenever i touch her head.

she looks like a 'who' from the grinch stole christmas and i deem it adorable.
and maybe, just maybe the "what a cute boy" comments will cease.
it's only been 19 months people.
i think it's time.

we took kate to a splinting workshop at my work and practiced our splinting
skills on her. turns out splinting a toddler is nearly impossible.


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Thistles said...

They are so, so, so cute! I think it makes her look so much older, no more baby look, which is kinda sad.