Thursday, December 16, 2010

no, i am NOT a punching bag

katie grace!
(to be yelled firmly in a southern accent)

i used to love running errands.
i once told my mom if i were given a free day to do anything i would choose to accompany someone on their errands.
i am very aware that this is weird.
i just think it's fun to tag-along with someone else and see how they do things and where they go.
(this excludes grocery stores and other boring errands. i only desire fun errands to new places i've never been to)

but my love of errand running ceased once i had you.
the hassle of the car seat when you were a baby was too much for me.
in and out.
in and out.
and you were heavy.
ok, not you per se, but the car seat+you= offta!

i used to say once you were a toddler it would be easier.
you could walk and sit in a cart and all would be merry.
well, about that.... you see, having the ability to walk also means you can run from me.
something you did about ten times yesterday.
my heart stopped beating twice when i thought i lost you.
(turns out you were just petting the fake doggie at old navy)

i handled the running away quite well.
i calmly found you and redirected you to where we needed to go.
it was the hitting me in the face because i wouldn't let you play with the credit card machine at checkout that did me in.
i know you don't completely understand yet how rude it is to smack someone when you don't get your way.
and because of this fact, i forgive you.
but i promise if you start making a habit of it, you will be in timeout until you're two.
don't test me little one.
you get your stubbornness from me and i've got 20+ years of stubborn on you.

you redeemed yourself by being so cute at the bookstore.

ps. love you stinker bum


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Nama said...

It's not offta..... It's uffda. Don't ya know your Norwegian? Ya sure, ya bettcha!