Friday, December 17, 2010

oh wow

image courtesy of the internet because we're lame and didn't take any pictures

hi love

just wanted to say thanks for taking me out to see the Christmas lights.
thanks for taking time away from your masters project.
(stupid masters project)

i think that candy cane hot cocoa is the best we've ever had.
even though i drank too much and got a stomachache.
(sorry i spilled some on you)
i wonder how many more times i can use parentheses.
(probably a million- i'm addicted)

can't wait to spend the next week with you.
hooray for mandatory Christmas break!!

as elmo says-

kiss kiss

ps. my favorite part was kate saying "oh wow" in her little tiny voice when she saw the lights.



tiff snedaker said...

WHERE is this house? I must go see it.

Anna said...

Mandatory christmas break??? Umm... No one told my school this!