Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the obligatory kid in front of the tree pic

Christmas went by too fast this year 
(doesn't it every year?)
i think it was partially due to the fact that i worked Christmas day.
but it was grand nonetheless and kate had a ball with her cousins and new toys.

i always try to take as many pictures as possible since i'm a horrible photographer.
seriously it takes at least 50 photo tries to get one measly good pic.

my attempts at the 'present-lined-Christmas-tree and kid' photo-

and the final product (after a little antiquing because the original color looked funny)

all fancied up for the big day at G+G hansen's house

i'll have to try again later this week at BB's house when we celebrate Christmas with my folks.



tiff snedaker said...

I love the antiqued look on that last picture of Kate, so cute! I can only imagine how much fun you'd have with an SLR camera. Start saving your pennies and watch for a great deal!

Kelli said...

With the little ponytails she reminds me of Cindy Lou-Who

nanna said...

Three more days!!!