Monday, December 20, 2010

in a hospital in MN


it turns out you do have nine lives.
but if you could please stop using them up so quickly we would all appreciate it.
you're only 28 for heaven's sake!

i can't believe a wall fell on you...
how do these things happen!?!?

i hope your femur heals quickly.
4-6 months of recoup sounds miserable.
at least you have a good wife to take care of you,
and mom and dad are close by.

i remember when we were teenagers and we would get home about the same time on weekend nights.
i was always so mad that you beat me and you got to choose what tv show we watched.
we would sit at the kitchen counter and eat cold cereal and watch star trek reruns.
i always complained about how dumb that show was.
i still don't like it but whenever i see the old school star trek uniforms it makes me think of you.

so i hope you get to watch as much star trek as you want.

heal fast.
listen to your doctors.
and be nice to your nurses.

love you!

ps. i have a feeling you might put on some weight due to the high volume of Christmas cookies you guys made. these pics make me miss home. sad.


B+K showing off their mad decorating skillz


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