Thursday, December 9, 2010

how to waste an hour or two

Dearest IKEA:

i have always loved you but now that i have a toddler,
i love you more.
so many bright colors.
fun carts that never steer right but allow for spinning in circles.
a child's playland....

essentially the perfect place to spend an hour.
especially when a certain mommie needs to buy stools for her new kitchen.
(why does moving always necessitate spending money???)

couzies playing
(thanks for the OBVIOUS caption kayla)

lizamagoo's whipping us up an omelette.
oh wait, none of us like eggs. gross!

can you spot my mom behind the swinging chair holding it still so i can snap a pic?

ps. you are all welcome for the super crisp and in-focus pictures. i do what i can to bring awesomeness to the internet.


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