Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a post where i lose my cool

to the elves at my work:

i don't know who you are but thank you so much for your kindness.
you put 2 movie passes in my box at work.
i heart you.

going to the movies ranks in my top 5 favorite things to do.
thankfully i married a man who shares my passion.
it's awesome that he races to get to the theater so we don't miss the previews.
AND he never thinks popcorn and soda are a waste of money (which they totally are)

we used your movie passes last saturday night.
we weren't planning on using them but we sure were glad to have them.
it's a long story but one i will want to remember so indulge me.....

our Christmas tree. amazingly katers hasn't ripped it to shreds.

we were supposed to go to the Christmas concert put on by the MoTab choir.
we've gone the last couple of years and always have a good time.
(jank still insists that sissel was the best and i must agree)
so we donned our gay apparel, rounded up a babysitter and headed to the city.

our first problem was parking.
as usual the public lots were packed.
but we weren't fussed- we planned ahead and arrived nice and early.
we circled the lot until we saw someone loading up their car.
i surveyed the scene to make sure no one else had already called dibs on the spot.
we didn't see anyone so i put my blinker on and politely waited.

as i was pulling into the spot there appeared a lady in a white coat standing right next to our spot.
the lady said "this is our spot so you're going to need to leave"
i'm pretty sure i just stared at her for a moment with a dumbfounded look on my face.
i thought she was kidding.
she was sooooo not kidding.

lady- "you need to leave. we were here first"
me- "no you weren't. i checked"
lady- "you need to leave. it's our spot"
me- "no"

(can i just add that jank is sitting in the passenger seat looking a little frightened- he hates unpredictable people. especially when i'm being stubborn with them)

lady- "we have a kid in the car so you'll have to move"
me- "um, i'm already parked with my keys out of the ignition so i don't think i'll be leaving but thanks"
me-  "jank, get out now. we're leaving"
lady- "are you going to the Christmas concert? are you LDS? that's bulls**t"
me- no response. we took the high ground and just walked away dumbfounded. and so incredibly irritated. i really contemplated smacking her. (i still get all steamed up just thinking about her)

as we walked we wondered if she would key our car.
(she didn't)
but at least it gave us something interesting to discuss while we waited in the cold for an hour.
seriously the line for the concert was absurd.
everyone had to be screened and the people doing the screening were all over the age of 75 and moving like molasses.
augh. my patience was wearing thin at this point.

i wasn't concerned about getting in.
we had tickets and we were there with time to spare.
but some genius decided to over ticket the concert by about 500.
no joke.
when we were 2 people away from getting in,
they turned us all away without barely an apology.
party foul.

i was irate.
i demanded hot chocolate and to speak to someone.
i got neither.
so off we went.

i was so disappointed.
a babysitter.
all dressed up.
Christmas concert.
date night ruined....

until i remembered the free movie passes!
we headed to the theater and picked out 'the tourist'
we had some time to kill so we wandered around anthropologie.
i wanted everything, as usual.
but bought nothing- aren't i disciplined?!
then jank bought me an ice cream cone for the movie
and for 2 hours i didn't think about that stupid lady and her stupid comment or the concert.

so thank you thank you thank you, whoever you are.
you saved date night and made me realize not all utahns are ridiculous.



Kelli said...

Ummm...movie night for us? Real soon? Much to discuss!

tiff snedaker said...

Good for you for sticking to your guns and that parking spot. That lady sounded crazy. I love how she asked if you were LDS and cussed at you. Like it means that you should give up your spot when she WASN'T there? Glad you got movie tickets and were able to use them, sounds like a fun night.....minus the concert thing.