Wednesday, December 15, 2010

maybe i just need some figgy pudding

to the bringers of holiday cheer-

why haven't you visited our home yet?
jank and i are both sensing your lack.
the magic is missing...

i have always loved Christmastime.
i love snow and twinkle lights and music.
i love cookies and fudge and (let's just be honest) anything with sugar.
i love the corner santas ringing their bells.
i love feeling like i'm a part of something so much greater than little old me.
i really love the magic of the whole season.

miss kate last year.
oh boy, i want to kiss and squish those cheeks.

but this year i'm finding myself a little shy on the holiday cheer.
and i don't know why.
i've spent the last week analyzing it and i have no answer.
so instead of worrying about my lack of Christmas joy,
i decided to get down to business and just go out and find it.

my holiday cheer seeking mission will include:

kate and i reading a Christmas book by the tree every night.
more dancing to Christmas music with katers (more than usual).
evening drives to look at Christmas lights while sipping hot cocoa.
making holiday goodies-- i just found a new recipe that i'm dying to try.
jank and i will attend the MoTab's Christmas concert and see the lights at temple square.
i will get the presents out of hiding and wrap them (it's one of my favorite activities. i'm odd, i know)

and the end-all, cure-all.......
i will watch white christmas.

hopefully i will find the magic i'm lacking.

ps. what is figgy pudding????? and is it even good????



Becky Foster said...

I've been feeling the same way. I think I'll copy your ideas. And what IS figgy pudding? Pudding with figs in it is all I can figure. Clever I know.

Tyrel said...

I am not sure what Figgy Pudding is but I do know that you are supposed to Don your Gay Apparel while eating it.

Sarah Jane said...

I totally love wrapping presents too! And i'm sure White Christmas will cure any the lack of holiday cheer!