Wednesday, July 31, 2013

a true toddler now


this pic was taken one day a few weeks ago at the library.
because when mama is plum outta ideas of how to entertain the girlies we head to the library.
new books! new toys! oh so exciting!
[it's not really that exciting but libraries always feel a bit magical to me. mostly due to my many good memories of summer visits to the library when i was girl. thanks mom!]

look at that sweet face and those gigantic cheeks.
what an angel's face.
[that kinda sorta looks down syndrome in this picture? maybe just a little? i know. i know. that's terrible to say, but it's a little true]

you hadn't learned the art of a tantrum when this picture was taken.
my, how things have changed.
this week you have perfected that art.
there's the throwing of yourself on the floor, followed closely with two chubby hands shoved into your eyes and all sorts of fake crying that sounds so realistic that every once in awhile you fool me or your dad.
[note: your dad is a sucker for crying and caves waaaaay to easily. i have a feeling you will exploit this many times in your life]
and then there's the thrashing about- legs kicking, butt bouncing, rolling to and fro as only a toddler can do.
you certainly look like a tortured soul.

but we're onto you little one.
we've done this rodeo before and it's not nearly as impressive the second time around.
keep up the good work though.
the tantrums seem to tire you out and there's nothing this mama loves more than extra long naps.

love ya kiddo.
tantrums and all.

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