Wednesday, July 17, 2013


june's instagrams

evelyn loves technology just like every other kid her age. and more scoot-scoot rides.
 more from the shooting range
 sunday morning [that's what 2 hours of sleep looks like folks] and sunday evening [at a friends house]
jank's siestas are all about eating, snuggling and napping. and stickers, pepsi and licorice are staples in our house. 
 those two kids are trooooouble and evie had a rough day- just look at those swollen, tired eyes. 
 splash pads for the win.
 ugh, every morning around 4am i hit my wall. no amount of sugar or jumping jacks can cure it. and late night swims are the best.
 see? i eat healthy stuff. [sometimes] and that kid is just about the best. i really love her personality. 
 teaching evie to walk involves a leeeeetle bit of shoving and stumbling and book dedications- i think they're the sweetest and i always read them. 
 more fun at the library [one of the best ways to beat the heat] and a made bed makes my heart sing
 new pics for the gallery wall and evie stood unassisted for a few seconds. progress!
 just chilling on the back patio, enjoying some grapes apres swim and yet another simple but wonderful backyard picnic. 
 evelyn rue, there hasn't been a stranger yet that's gotten her to smile and our new desk- a craigslist treasure for only $10.
 tea parties while evie naps and my obsession with baskets continues [where else would one hide all the kid paraphernalia??]
 had the back patio all to ourselves [that's what happens when it's 90 degrees at 7pm] and playing peek-a-boo with her curtains after sleeping in until 9am!
 kate 'helping' keep evie occupied, wrestling on her bed is probably not the best idea but thanks miss kate. and this is the evie we all know and love. promise she's not always a surly beast.
 a summer picnic
 babies in baskets never gets old and kate loved her dance class and the ice cream afterwards. 
 ahoy! kate is obsessed with pirates, evie is obsessed with kate. and kate's dance class is at the yuma art center which means great lighting and plenty of space for evie to crawl around. 
 more swimming. what else is there to do besides sweat our faces off??
evelyn rue: loves sweets and chocolate and cards. the opposite of kate and my mini-me in most ways [she even bounces like i do when the food is especially good]. and miss kate waiting for dance class to start.

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