Wednesday, December 8, 2010

sick day..... again. seriously? again?!?!

totally unrelated picture... 
babies in jammies dancing in our new kitchen

i swear no one gets the flu as much as i do.
what's up with that???
i'd blame it on working in the ER but i haven't worked in days so that's not it.
i guess i just have a really crappy immune system.... not cool.

i woke up yesterday at 7 am and just knew i was going to puke.
i finally succumbed to the nausea at 730 and it was awful.
repeat horrible chain of events at 9 and 1030 and there you have my morning.

thankfully kate was a gem yesterday and was more than happy to watch elmo and dinosaur train for hours while i laid helpless on the couch.
she didn't cry or try to touch me while i puked
(i was so worried about her sticking her hand in the toilet)
she just stood there watching me and saying "uh oh" and then "bu-bye" when i flushed.
that made me smile.

jank came home early because of some government hoopla at the VA which he wasn't allowed to be a part of.
thank you US government!
he tended to katers' needs and let me take a nap.
i love that man.
although he did make hashbrowns that forced me to lay on the bathroom floor for 30 min.

and just in case you're thinking the same thing i was at 730am.... i am NOT pregnant.
the first thing i did after puking was pee on a stick.
one line, not two.
thank you IUD.

so there's the summation of my yesterday.
i'm feeling almost top-notch today.
now if i can just get kate to stop resisting her nap so i can shower....



..... Johnny and Becky ..... said...

Ugh, I hope you get feeling better asap!

Scott and Sarah said...

Oh I feel your pain! On Friday I got the flu in Florida! I don't even remember the last time I had it but it felt like death. Feel Better!!

Scott said...

Like the new place--we need to come down and visit and see it in person!