Wednesday, September 22, 2010

bawk, bawk

to the one that bailed on me:

i find great discomfort in asking someone to watch miss kate for us.
but there are times (many, many times) that the schedules of the jancers don't match up.
and then help is needed.

mostly i ask family, even though friends have offered (thanks friends!)
but truthfully i don't like dropping katers off with anyone but family.
reason being- family is obligated to love her.
even when she hits, pulls clothes, cries til she pukes and won't eat.
friends don't have to love or even like her.
my feelings aren't hurt about that fact.
it just how it goes.

i felt guilty when i asked you, mrs f, to watch my katers for 2 hours monday night.
i asked 3 weeks in advance just to make sure you had time to adjust to the idea.
and i followed up a week in advance so you wouldn't forget and then be surprised.
and then the monday morning you texted and asked

mrs F: "when do i have kate this week?"
me: "tonight if that's still ok"
mrs F:  "oh, was it monday?"

and that's when the texting ended and a very uncomfortable phone call began...
you said you made other plans.
i reminded you that our plans were made 3 weeks ago.
you said you could take kate with you on a 45 min car ride to visit some friends.
i informed you that she cries uncontrollably in the car.
(plus, i was not thrilled with the idea of you taking her so far from home)
an uncomfortable pause later and i found myself offering to find someone else to watch her.
uncomfortable pause, some more talking and hang up.

my sister (thanks BB!) ended up taking kate that night, making our once-a-week kid trade unbalanced.
i'm sorry you bailed on me and missed out on enjoying miss kate.
if you had watched her, you could have dressed her up in a chicken costume.
it would've been a good time.
your loss.


mrs jank
(the lady who's watched your kid twice and will do it again monday morning)

no words. just cuteness.
and some dorkiness.
she's a jancer, whaddya expect?



Thistles said...

Always happy to have katers! Liz loves it when she comes and dont worry about being "uneven" you have helped me out more times than I can count!

PS what's with the chicken costume?

Anonymous said...

haha, love the chicken costume and getting to see what you and your family are up to.

So I give you a big hello from MN and a flash from the past.

Adrienne Miller

Kayla said...

adrienne- flash from the past is right!! how in the world did you find my little slice of the blog world?? hope life has treated you well. you can see that life has been very kind to me! thanks for leaving a comment- i appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

I can see that life has been quite nice to you, which makes me happy. You deserve it!

I found your blog through Shannon's and Im so glad I did as your thoughtful, clever and random postings offer such great snapshots into your life.

Life has been good to me as well. I get great joy from a career I love and being near friends and family that makes every day worth it.

Perhaps one of these days I will start a blog so you can follow along with. If I do, I will be sure to send you the url.

Have a great rest of your week and I look forward to your future letters :-)