Sunday, September 12, 2010

to the one who eats enchiladas at 10 pm

Mr. Jancer, 

peach days in brigham city

not much in my life these days is a guarantee. each day is filled with change. kate grows before my eyes and learns new things. today she asked for a banana. actually said "nana?" and then ate it...well, some of it. but still. it was awesome. 

but there are a few things that stay constant. your love being the greatest stabilizer i know. i can count on being able to climb onto your lap and snuggle into my spot and tell you all my worries. you hold me and tell me things i need to hear. you handle my feelings with tenderness and patience and never make me feel stupid... even when i know i'm being stupid. 

you're not a perfect man. as i type this my arm keeps hitting your stack of papers that threaten to topple over and knock down 2 half empty soda bottles. sigh. you're just a tad on the messy side mr jancer. 
you pile, i file. 
but i will gladly live amongst your piles if that means you will take me on sunday drives and daydream with me about our future. and i will definitely overlook the messes if you make a habit of asking me "can we make a chocolate cake?" like you did tonight.

i'm a lucky girl. 
thanks for making me mrs jancer.


i put away all the nintendo controllers so kate can't strangle herself anymore. now what will she do for fun???



Nana said...

I was laughing sooooo hard when I scrolled down and saw that pictures of kate with the nintendo cords around her neck....even though I am Nana and shouldn't be laughing. I should be scolding my grown children who are the parents of this child ;)

Anonymous said...

You guys are the cutest. I love your relationship (at least what I know/see of it from Kayla's stories and blogposts)....It reminds me of me and mine :) We should hand out.

Anonymous said... hand out I meant hang out. And this is Kristin by the way....these freaking computers at work won't let me log in?