Friday, September 10, 2010

166?... 178?.... ah, screw it

mr. hardgrove:

you taught one of my high school math classes. i didn't learn much. not because you were a bad teacher- it's just that math always made sense to me so i didn't have to work at it. except the other night at work when i had to subtract 4 from 180 and i couldn't figure it out. no joke. i had to ask a coworker to verify and he thought i was insane. 
maybe i am. 
sure feels like. 
let me explain it to you mathematically and maybe it'll make more sense-

(4 molars coming in + the monthly reminder that i am indeed a female) * (sense of dissatisfaction in my parenting skills + husband's constantly changing clinical schedule)  = inability to subtract 4 from 180

hope that simple equation clears it up for you.
thanks for teaching me math stuffs.

ps. sorry i made fun of your fat fingers... but you have to admit it's funny that you can't use a calculator because your fingers hit 4 buttons instead of 1.


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