Monday, September 13, 2010

letter from kate

cousin liz-

i'm so jealous you are almost done with teething.
how come we couldn't just be born with all our teeth?
sure it would be creepy for our parents, but it would be so much nicer for us.
mom and dad don't know what more to do for me.
i try to tell them to give me percocet but i can't say that yet so they keep giving me motrin.
that stuff is crap.
doesn't do jack for the pain.
i woke up 4 times last night screaming "give me the narcs!!"
and they wouldn't.
they just rocked me and gave me a binki.
yeah, like that's helpful.

so today i had to take matters into my own hands.
we were driving to the library to return some books and my teeth hurt so bad i wanted to cry.
so i did.
i cried and cried and that didn't do a dang thing for the pain so i resorted to chewing on my shoe.
it tasted pretty good and you know what big cousin??
it helped!
i chewed on that shoe until we got home and mom made me stop.
she said it wasn't sanitary or something.
whatev mom!
the shoe did more than you did.
so there.

next time you have a tooth coming in, just grab the closest shoe and go to town.
hope it helps you like it helped me.


ps. you owe me 3 cheddar goldfish for the advice.

pps. can't wait to see you thursday.... do i get another head massage?


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Thistles said...

Dearest Kate-
Good advice bout the shoe, def worth the three goldfish...maybe more! My drug of choice is ice cubes, try it they are delish! See you tomorrow and of course there will be head massages...if you let me :)

Love Liz