Tuesday, September 7, 2010

peanuts? pretzels? toddler wailing in your ear?

dear katers:

today (well technically yesterday but i'm at work so i still considered it today) we flew home. back to real life. no more enjoying a house filled with uncles and aunts. no more sunday dinners with the fam that end up with brothers and sisters bickering- reminded me of growing up a little too much. no more nana to get you up in the morning so your dad and i could sleep in. no more snuggles with papa while kerrianne and brandon open wedding presents. (i'll have to post a pic of that when i get home and can sync my phone) no more tennis in the backyard. and no more cookies, cheesecakes, wedding cake, and candy overflowing on every countertop.

as sad as i was to leave, i wasn't all that stressed about the flight home. you did so well on the flight out that your dad and i didn't really give the flight back a second thought. we just deprived you of your morning nap and figured you would crash en route to slc. not so much... not even close to what really happened. instead you wailed and screamed and worked up quite a ruckus.

i felt so horrible for you, we had purposely tortured you out of your morning nap and you (and everyone within 10 rows of us) were suffering for it. but there was also a part of me that was so frustrated and mad at the situation and to be honest, at you . those feelings were unfounded, i know, but i still had them. and then i had guilt over having them. it sucked. for you and for jank and for me and for everyone else. it just sucked.

so i'm sorry little one. i don't know what more to say. i'm just glad you finally fell asleep... even if it was on the final decent into slc. stinker!

love you despite it all (and i always will)
i hope you are sleeping well.
i bet your happy to be back in your crib with your measuring cup, 4 blankies, 2 books and a lovie.

ps. as promised:

nana was sooo jealous.

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