Thursday, September 23, 2010

please quit eating the wood chips!

mothers of multiples:

don't know how you do it.
today (like every thursday) i had two toddlers.
getting them both up three flights of stairs, fed and entertained is work.
today we went on a walk, or in liz's case- a prance.
we walked to the central mailbox for the apartments.
we passed two dogs who were thoroughly barked at by the girls.
on the way back we stopped at the playground where a kid spit on me...
(long story short- i yelled at him, called him disgusting and he left to play in the mud)
the girls loved the slides and the wood chips.
maybe the wood chips more than the slides.

i couldn't believe the work it took to keep them both safe.
liz is a monkey and climbs on EVERYTHING.
kate is a wanderer and follows random kids around.
i think i said, "get down. come back here" twenty times.
and during the outing all i could think is 'this is tiring!'
but it was worth it to see the joy on their faces when they had a turn on the slide.

major props to you, mothers of multiples.
i don't know how you keep everything organized.
pretty sure my kids would be eating out of a trough and wearing nothing but diapers.



Thistles said...

I love it! I love watching the two of the play together and then seeing them wander off in their own direction. Thanks for the pic and again for watching my magoos!

Scott said...

"i yelled at him, called him disgusting and he left to play in the mud" Wish I could've been there...Made my day.