Wednesday, September 1, 2010

growing pains

daughter of mine:

you are growing up so quickly. i never understood why people would say "savor every moment, they grow too fast".  i always thought i would be different, that somehow i wouldn't think that way or that you would grow at a perfect pace.

i was wrong.

i love watching you discover how your world works but it comes at a price. you are no longer my baby. you are a toddler. a little person who like temper tantrums, hiding shoes ALL over the apartment and playing hide and seek.

jank said the other day that this is his favorite phase thus far and i must agree.

i love how you say "nooooooooo" in a quiet, somewhat whiny voice when your don't want to eat something. or how you blow kisses at me from your car seat. or when you greet me in the morning with a bounce and a grin.

but my favorite thing you've done up thus far was a few days ago:

i was drying my hair and you walked into my bedroom, stood in the bathroom doorway and fussed. you weren't crying or yelling... it was a frustrated sound- a mix between a grunt and a whine. i was confused. i asked "what katers? what do you want" and you looked at me with your gorgeous blue eyes and made that sound again. to which i replied "ok, show me what you want" and then you took my hand and marched me to the kitchen where you stopped, looked up and pointed at the counter. there sitting on the counter right above your head was a ziploc full of graham crackers. i opened the bag up, gave you one and you smiled. then you shoved the cracker in your mouth and walked off and i was left standing there marveling at our "conversation".

this will probably seem trivial to you by the time you are able to read this. but i want you to know how much those few minutes meant to me. we've had "conversations" before but this one stuck with me. don't know why and i don't care to analyze it.

i just know i love you and that's enough.

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Thistles said...

So true! It has gone by way to fast and I think it will only get worse :(