Monday, September 27, 2010

sick of seeing kate in her jammies?? too bad

dearest inventors of all toddler products,

damn you guys are good.

you get a mom thinking, "elmo is cute and educational and funny" so they don't mind when their toddler watches a few youtube clips of elmo and his ducks. but then it becomes a daily addiction (correction- an HOURLY addiction) and the toddler learns a certain dance that she will dance only when she wants her furry friend. and then it gets to the point of tantrums and chaos until the child gets her fix. then the mom spends 30 min feeling guilty about her child who is plopped down on the office floor, staring up at the giant computer screen completeley transfixed by the singing muppet. and then the child becomes morbidly obese because all she wants to do is sit and eat fried chicken and watch elmo's world.

(repeat above scenario except add an iphone and the peekaboo barn app)

what are you doing to the world evil inventors???
you're to blame for all the problems in the world.


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