Thursday, September 9, 2010

two toddlers.... oofta!

my 3:06 pm to 4:28 pm looked like this:

cousins play nice pushing each other in the rocking chair
(bb- the apt was cold hence the leg warmers i put on magoos)

kate turns into a rageaholic
and liz is left thinking... "my couzie sucks"

the wind blows the curtain and they are both distracted for a sec
liz flashes a mischevious look
while katers blows raspberries at me

liz becomes obsessed with katers' curl

the obsession continues....

and continues...
liz just could not get enough of kate's blonde curl
can't blame her- it's my fav also

and so it went until they realized they were tired
and threw side-by-side tantrums on the floor
(that's when the binkis and blankies were deployed)


1 comment:

Thistles said...

I am laughing SO hard! They crack me up! I love it that Liz was so obsessed with her curl...she's just jealous! Thanks for helping out :)