Friday, September 3, 2010

please turn off all electronic devices

Dude who was trapped in the window seat:

glory, glory hallelujah 
this awesomeness lasted for 80 minutes!

 we warned you when you sat down that today's flight might be anything but peaceful. flying with a toddler in the seat next to you always has the potential to be a horrifying experience. you told us not to worry and that you had three kids of your own. then you proceeded to call katers "him" and we politely injected a lot of "her's" and "she's" in to our conversation which was probably a little rude of us but you started it. no worries though, you apologized and commented on how cute our daughter is so all is forgiven.

you were a wonderful flight companion. you didn't hog the armrest. you didn't complain when katers accidentally kicked you. you didn't try to go to the bathroom once the kid fell asleep (sprawled across jank and i). you just sat in your window seat with the shade half closed, playing poker on your iphone and listening to music. 

hope your stay in minnesota is a good one! we strongly advise going to the state fair which is currently going on. try the deep fried pickle and corn on the cob. you won't be disappointed. 

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tiff snedaker said...

Glad your flight went so well. And thanks to window seat man for being patient. :)