Sunday, September 26, 2010

simple joys

dear kayla,

i want you to remember this night. 
it was a fantastic one. 

i can say mama, dada, ma (more), hi, bye, nana (banana) and mom's favorite- oh wow! and i love to jabber incessantly. i get that from my mommie.

the division of after-dinner chores gave you the joy of bathing katers instead of kitchen clean up.

miss kate was a peach as always in the tub- she still loves her bathtime.

there was no elmo watching or peek-a-boo barn playing after dinner- thank heavens!

the kid is all about the kissing right now- she puckers, leans in and makes a big smoooooooch noise. 

please don't ever forget how deliciously yummy kate smells after her bath. she's practically edible.

prayers were said thanking the Lord for a sunny sunday and for your japanese friend sheila. (you two made quite the ruckus in sunday school)

and then just like every nite, you close the door to the nursery and sigh because it's hard to love someone as much as you love that little stinker.

seems like just another normal night huh? 
that's because it was.
but that doesn't disqualify it from being awesome.


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