Tuesday, April 19, 2011

another rainy day

Ruth's dinner
[a note about a no-bueno day turned bueno]

take one rainy morning,
add a husband who needs a ride to work at 0730 [way too early to be out in public],
throw in a stolen car,
and you've got a not-so-happy kayla.

but surprise that lady with a unexpected hole in her husband's schedule,
which allowed for breakfast in a trolley car turned diner,
located on a winding canyon road [oh how i love canyon roads],
add to that hot cocoa and a plate piled with bread and butter,
and you get a very happy kayla

thanks ruth's diner,
you certainly didn't disappoint.

ps. miss kate's bedhead/jammies/golashes combo also made my day. she might have stayed in those jammies until dinner time. i'll never tell.

1 comment:

Mom said...

Oh, how I love reading your blog! Sounds like your rainy day was much better than my snowy day.....yes I said snow. Can you believe it is the middle of April and we get 2 inches of snow Ugh - sometimes I wonder why I hang aroung Minnesota? I should take my cue from my granddaughter and stay in my jammies.

Love you,