Thursday, April 7, 2011

a better day than the one before

corner bakery and cafe-

jank said he was 'souped out'-
guess that means i should quite making it three times a week for dinner

thanks for a great lunch today.
soup was just right on this cold, windy, cloudy day.
and seeing jank for an hour was perfect.
he was stoked to see peanut since he didn't get to see her yesterday.
by the time he came home at 8, she had already been asleep for 45 min.
that kid was tiiiiiired and craaaaanky from skipping her nap yesterday.

today, we're doing much better thanks to you.
going out to eat has to be one of my top 5 favorite things to do-
that's kinda sad huh? i should say exercising... but that would be a lie.

3 seconds after i took this picture, water was everywhere-
ahhhh life with a toddler

peanut ate a super lunch consisting of one roll.
and then was so tired from her eating frenzy that she passed out in the car on the drive home.
she didn't even wake up when i accidently choked her while trying to unwind the scarf from her neck.
no harm done, she's now sleeping peacefully in her crib....
or is she passed out from the choking???
guess we'll find out in an hour or so when/if she wakes up.

thanks for the yummy food.
and for the cheesecake brownie.

a much happier kayla


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Scott said...

NERD ALERT!!! Is there a calculator in there with that pen? He should have a pocket protector if he's going to be putting pens in there. What an idiot.